Thank you for your interest in working with me and my blog, Street Style on the Grid! With much thought given, I have decided it is in the best interest of the blog to NOT accept sponsorships from designers, creators and/or events. The vast majority of items blogged going forward will be purchased by myself but since Street Style on the Grid will continue to accept “dropbox” reviews, I will always note when those items are blogged. I appreciate every designer, creator and event coordinator I’ve worked with and I wish each of you much continued success.

Dropbox Reviews

  • A dropbox review is where any designer/creator can send a folder or boxed item(s) they would like Street Style on the Grid to consider reviewing. There is an unspoken understanding that it is totally at the discretion of Street Style on the Grid to blog one, a few, all or none of the items sent. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES YOUR ITEM(S) WILL BE BLOGGED.
  • A note card must be included with the landmark to where the item(s) can be purchased and any information you feel I need to know about your item(s).
  • Unfortunately, if the notecard with all pertinent information is not included with your item(s), I will not be able to blog your item no matter how great it is so ensure it is included.

Please know that I am going to give my honest opinion on any item I review be it good or bad.


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