Thank you for taking time out to visit my blog Street Style on the Grid. I’m a pretty quiet individual who spends most of my time shopping, reading blogs, attempting to socialize on different media outlets and occasionally hitting up clubs on SL. Fashion is definitely my #1 passion here and I’m very glad I’m able to share this part of my SL experience with you guys. I really do hope you find the blog informative and you’re able to gather ideas to create fashionable outfits of your own.  I’m quite friendly and do love random conversations so if you see me inworld or on Facebook, don’t be shy to say hi. ❤

P.S. I am very interested in creating, investing and/or partnering with business minded individuals to produce high level fashion/decor events around the grid or even a clothing store. If you have similar interests, please do not hesitate to contact me inworld or on facebook to see if business would be a good fit for us to pursue together. 🙂



INWORLD: chanel1valentine